Thursday, 23 February 2006

Pondicherry:- Down the memory lane!!!

The journey begins:-

It was a friday night. To be specific 27th Jan 2006. Almost everybody had returned from office.

We all were tired but enthusiastic towards our tour. But the motivation was missing. You can make out from the expressions from everybody's face.

One PJ and everybody shows their shiny white tooth, some were yellow though.

On the way we had a stop of about 40 mins at the Hosur border.

The primitive instinct within the boys came out. They tried to reach the top of the van and succeded in it. What an accomplishment!!!

Nothing good as a refreshing tea. Its 12 in the night. A chilly wind compels us to have some tea-coffee. Felt nice.

The smell of the sea. I could sense it even before seeing it. After being in Mumbai for the entire childhood I had developed a canny sense of the humid salty air. Soon we reached the other side of the Indian peninsula which we had never been to. The Bay of Bengal. This was our first experience to see the sun rising from the sea. Simbly awesome!

The town was a earlier french colony. The buildings make this evident. Posh white houses and offices still makes us feel that the french are still here...

The splash of sea!!! The froth!!! This makes me nostalgic. Dadar chowpatty was the first sea shore I had seen in my childhood. This place was nothing different. The only change was I had grown big. The sea seemed familiar.

Some where further there was an operational dock. We did not get a chance to visit it. It was a restricted area. There was a lighthouse in front of it on the shore. At night the light from it patrolled the periphery of the itself. However this was enough for remembering, keeping in memory.

Another closed light house in front of these poles suggested that it was a harbour many years back. Light never shone from this light house. The snap below shows the light house. In front of it is the Gandhi memorial. It has a statue of our Mahatma Gandhi.

(Gandhi Memorial)

The rooms were comfortable and above all affordable. The bridge cum harbour mentioned above could be seen from the window.

In pondicherry we get bikes on rent. I too tried a ride on a Kinetic Honda. It was fun.

CAREFUL!!! Novice at practice. Hey where is the L sign?

The two stud boys of our group. Bikes are their passion. So we were off to the beach. Some 15 KM from the hotel. The travel was to be done on bikes. Gosh!!! I wished there were some girls with us...

RUN!!! RUN!!! The sea is coming fast. Don't worry it is no Tsunami. Just a tidal wave. So everbody was safe.

(Auro beach)
Beware:- Uncle Deep is watching. You better behave like nice boys. No peeping on that private resort beach. Hey abhilash stop staring at the foreigner, she is searching for her top. :-)

Just kidding. Our bad luck. No nude beaches here. Atleast we didn't had the knowledge of it.

(From left:- Mayur, Deep, Abhilash, Aniruddha, Rushal, Yogesh, Trilok, Viraj)

The day ended with some masti on the beach.

But there was lots of fun left to come in night.

Coming soon.....