Saturday, 12 April 2014

Reaching Taiwan!

Passports !
Visas ! 
Taiwan currency ! 
Hotel Booking printouts !
Onward flights booking printout!

All set to fly to Taiwan!
It was an early morning flight to Taipei...
Changi airport was not that busy...
The flight left at 7 AM

We reached Taoyuan airport Terminal 1 by 12 PM. The airport was like a big prayer room, with tall sloping roofs, looked liked made of bamboos tied together.

Once out of immigration, there is a Sim card counter at the floor 1(ground floor). Image courtesy:- fellow traveller

  There is a convenience store at the basement on the way. If you are hungry then you can cook the ready to eat food offered by the shop. There are tables on the right for quick bite. Recharge yourself and your electronic gadgets at the charging points. The bus ticket can be bought before boarding the bus.
The bus station is at the basement; Bus no 1819 goes to the Taipei main station.

The buses are frequent and comfortable. An hour's ride over the tallest highways I ever saw in my life!

We reached Ximending in time for lunch. Had our ready to eat Indian packet at hotel...

The 7-11 s in Taiwan allow you to use their microwaves for heating your food. So you can buy your favourite snack there; heat in your own microwave safe box and continue your trip. We had bought the ready to eat packets of Indian food at 2 SGD each.  The scenes from hotel windows here.

The Taipei MRT map looks something like the below. Source here

We soon headed for Taipei 101 as it was approaching sunset. But to our disappointment they had closed their west gallery and there was still one hour waiting time in the line. We decided to chuck the idea of going to the top. Instead wandered around to absorb the atmosphere.

Below is the Ximending Night Market....

We stayed at the Smart Hostel (Ximending Taipei).
It was a pleasant stay considering it is not a hotel. However the home like feeling  with home like fitting....

Sleep took over once I was done ogling at the Taipei 101 seen from the hostel room on 13th Floor.