Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The day we traveled to Hongkong

Hong Kong was on my minds for months and years...

Firstly I had a visited there before for a short 8 hours transit trip and had made up my mind to come back again. 

Secondly it was perfect location for celebrating my Marriage anniversary. 

Hong Kong is mildly cold in January and has a perfect festive atmosphere around New year. 

So we booked a Jetstar flight for 1st Jan, which I boarded from Singapore.

Indians dont need a visa for Hong Kong, so immigration was a like a breeze.

Once out of the terminal exit we bought the reliable octopus card from the Tourism Board queue.

The Tourism department at the exit provides you free maps and helpful advice of which airport bus to ride upon, and which is the nearest alighting/boarding point for the bus.

Shortly after that we bought a CMHK sim card with a week long data plan.

Airport is nice to spend 20-30 min.

The ride to the city by bus was comfortable. During my last visit I had used the airport express which is twice as costly as the bus journey. 

The bus journey took us over many tall bridges and also had a nice view of the ports scenery of Hong Kong

We had booked our stay at Hotel best Western and it was a sea facing room.  

MTR is the metro system of Hong Kong.
So we had to first travel by tram to nearest MTR station. The tram gives you the feeling of a century old mode of transport. The tram is not that spacious but its double decker in HK and you can pay using the trusty Octopus card.

Below is a video of our first encounter with a tram in real life. 

We took the MTR from Central station to the TST or Tsim sha Tsui east station. 

The Modi road was decorated with hugh christmas decorations.

 The air was cold and we opted for a hot coffee and a stroll around the Modi street.
Then we turned towards the Esplanade heading to Avenue of stars.

The laser show was a bit dull but it is ok if you are watching it for the first time.

The synchronized show of laser lights and music introduces you with the important tall skyscrapers of  Hk skyline and then keeps doing random flashing of lasers. We left just in time for dinner.

We had dinner at a Indian restaurant on Nathan road.

Was too excited to visit Disney Land the next day.......