Sunday, 21 September 2014

The weekend it was.... at Singapore GP 2014

It was my second time to Singapore GP.

Here is what I want to share for general public with walkabout tickets Zone 4.

1. Go early and enjoy the Padang activities

2. Go on a Friday or Saturday. Sunday's Final race is just for enjoying and less for photo clicking.

Entry at gate 3

Free standing bleacher at turn 7-8, almost empty on Saturday but no place to stand and peep even on Sunday
Esplanade bridge drive

3. Dont miss the concert, anyways it is crowded to approach the MRT just after the race. Soak in the atmosphere and have some dinner at the Padang.

4. I carried Canon 70-200mm f4L non-IS on Saturday and used 24-105 f4L IS on Race day.

The Saturday is the day when the place is less crowded. The cars come out in daylight for practice.
So you can get a decent shot in proper exposure.

The reach of 200mm was seldom used as there are very less straight line race track visible for walkabout tickets. Turn 10 has a limited straight line visibility. You may try your luck.

I realized that i shot 50% or more at 70 mm with my 70-200mm. At times I wished that I had a wider lens. So I took 24-100mm on Sunday. Decision well taken.

Turn 12, narrow turn, need a wider lens

Shooting locations, Turn seven Bleacher, Turn 11 bleacher, Turn 13 near Fullerton, Esplanade straight drive etc. None of them asked for a 200 mm zoom.


After the Saturday the hell broke loose and it started raining. I could not take a decent shot of Robbie Williams performing.

On Sunday it was a different night all together. Got nice #JLoBooty shots with the 200mm decent reach.


Enjoy the shots! Leave your comment or feedback down in the comments section.