Thursday, 29 November 2007

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Food and Travel:- Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki:- A japanese delicacy. It is said to be a speciality of region near Osaka and Hiroshima, both distant from each other.
Often there is an argument between people from these regions to decide which place has the best Okonomiyaki.

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The method to make okonomiyaki is simple. Its very similiar to the onion uttapa that we get in India. The batter made up of rice and egg is layered with "whatever-you-wish" (the meaning on the word Okonimiyaki). This can contain vegetables, Pork slickes, seafood nuggets, fish etc. The batter and the mix are then baked in an open pan front of the dining table and served hot. The topping is normally made of fish scales. The sauce poured over it makes it more enticing to eat.
The preparation from Hiroshima has more soba (noodles) as compared to Osakan Okonomiyaki.
Here is a series of snaps I have for you showing the making of Hiroshima-Okonomiyaki :- Slideshow here