Sunday, 30 September 2007

ओक्टोपुस आर्मी

त्सुकिजी मचली बाजार।

टोकियो, २५ अगस्त २००७।

Tokyo fish Market.

Tokyo, 25 August 2007.

मचली बाजार मे ओक्टोपुस कि दुकान लगी हूई थी।

जिस तरह से उन्हें भिचाया गया था वह बहुत निराला था।

मनो फुलो का गुलदस्ता हो।

मूल छायाचित्र

The octopus selling shop had a different arrangement of octopuses.

Their limbs were tied and were kept facing their mouths up.

They looked liked flowers or catii to me.

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Saturday, 29 September 2007

हनाबी अर्थात आतिशबाजी

हनाबी अर्थात गर्मियों मे आतिशबाजी का आयोजन
Hanabi i.e. Fireworks show.

टोकियो, ओदैबा सागर किनारे

११ अगस्त २००७

Tokyo, Odaiba beach

11 August 2007.

कामाकुरा दैबत्सू - बुद्ध

कामाकूरा दैबत्सू - महान बुद्ध
२१ ज़ुलै २००७

Kamakura Daibatsu- Great buddha.
21 July 2007

Ryukoji Temple (Jakkozan Ryukoji)
In Japan, a mother who has lost her child, may adopt a Jizo statue and adorn it with red robes and care for it as if it was her own living baby. Traditionally (or ideally), this practice must have been limited to red robes, but in reality - today at least and in the places I have visited - the materials involved are much more numerous, colorful and surprising. So, while there are many interesting paths to follow exploring what and who Jizo is or have been, I think the statues and the relating practices first and foremost witness an undeniable affective interaction with counter-intuitive agents done by normal, modern - and most Japanese would say secular - Nihonjin. ....
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Thursday, 27 September 2007

किन्ककुजी, गोल्डन पेविलियण

गोल्डन पेविलियण , कयोटो, जपान
२३ सेप्टेम्बेर २००७

Golden Pavillion, Kyoto, Japan.
23 September 2007

Kyoto is famous for its shrines and temples.
The most scenic and well known temple is Kinkakuji, Golden pavillion.