Sunday, 8 January 2017

Birding at Bhigwan, Maharashtra.

Today I visited Bhigwan on tour with beyond Wild tours. Feeling excited as this was my first outing with complete strangers.
Left pune by 12 and reached kumbhargaon by 2pm. Had a quick fish meal and headed for tent site.

The meal was sumptuous and filling. Worth every cent.  The fish was freshly caught at the Ujjani lake.  Offloaded most of the luggage in tent and headed to boat in Lake.

Ujjani lake was formed when there was a dam built on a river downstream. The water is mostly shallow and has algae.

This attracts migratory birds from siberia like flamingoes.
We were given life jackets to wear as safety precaution.
We entered the lake by 4pm on a mechanised boat which was switched off and only oars used when we approached the birds.  Very few flamingoes welcomed us .

We waited and soon a flick of 1000-2000 landed in front of us.

These were greater flamingoes which are pink in colour.
On our way back we saw Open Bill Stork,  glossy Ibis,  egrets and herons.

Came back and had a quick tea. Had dinner and headed for night trail to spot nightjar bird.
Came back and campfire till late night.
The photos are taken using a canon 70d , Canon 70-200mm non is usm and 1.4 extender.
Shots are all handheld.