Friday, 3 January 2014

Date with Donald @ Hong Kong Disneyland!

On 2nd Jan, we got up early and headed to Hongkong Central Station for our MTR ride to Sunny bay.

This time time we took Tram from our hotel directly to Central....

From Central one needs to take the Tung Chung Line. Then Change over at Sunny bay for the Disney line.
Take a look at the MTR Map here.

Disney has its own separate line to take all us adults to the childhood dreamland, the land of Disney!

Once inside, make sure you chart your whole days plan! There are lots of parades, shows and rides to look out for.
The queue at the ticket counter was not that long considering it was holiday times.

We started off in the anticlockwise section once inside.... 
We did Tomorrow land ride and Space Mountain by lunch.

Space mountain was a stomach-churning, neck crunching ride in the black-void space like setup...
Beware ones with Migraines and neck ailments!  
It has option of Disney fast-pass. 

We had lunch at the food court near to the TomorrowLand! We later found an Indian outlet at the Adventure land.

There were few shows we took notice of while walking from one section to the other.

Post lunch, we moved towards the Grizzly Gulch..

 and then moved towards Toy Story land...

The Parachute ride was not that exciting, but may be fine to ride with your young ones. 

Since we were only 2 persons, we opted to ride single riders. The queue otherwise was expected to be 2 hours + long....

The RC Racer ride is worth the wait time.... more like a giant see-saw.

In the adventure land the river safari is highly recommended.

By the time we finished the Mystic point it was evening

We ran to catch the Disney's "The Golden Mickeys".

And now it was time for the famous Disney Fireworks. Fireworks were dreamlike.... Absolutely amazing! Exactly how we expected.

One day is never enough! It was too crowded on holidays and still more we wanted the dream to never end! 

The park closes shortly after fireworks!

After a tiring a day at Disney we headed back to Central. It was already too late and we headed to midlevel escalators to have a sumptuous dinner at a Turkish restaurant.

We called it a day after a short taxi ride to our hotel.

Tip:- 1. Always get your hotel name written down in Chinese by the  Tourism Board person at the Airport.

The Chinese name will help the local taxi driver decipher your hotel name.

        2. 7-Eleven near your hotel should be able to provide you with fresh milk and bread/butter for next day breakfast. If your hotel doesnt provide you free breakfast then you should stock the juices and milkshakes for next day.

Next Day... Macau....