Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Short Taiwan and South Korean tour..

For those who interested to know where is Taiwan, see the map below.

I never heard any of my friends mentioning travel to Taiwan or Korea before.
But budget airlines do go there from Singapore.
So one fine day in December 2013, I said to myself why not....

There were different kinds of questions asked when i told someone about my plans. Like, where is Taiwan? Is it in China? Which Korea are you going to? What is t he food that you get there?

Most of them didnt knew where these countries are on world map, neither did I few years back. So why not see these places and come back with stories, bring back a piece of time I spent there to share with my extended family... I liked the idea...

The visa process was very simple.
Fill up and print the the Taiwan Visa Online form.
The South Korean visa rules in detail here.

I had to submit the forms with the letter from employer and my bank statements that I receive in my snail-mailbox.

The total process takes about 3-4 days. So allow yourself to plan well in advance.

Also the Taiwanese tourism authorities give goodies for people with Confirmed air ticket and accommodation reservations. Why not check these before you fly there too?  
Now the important part of planning is when do you travel there. The Spring and autumn are my most recommended times for anything above the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. These are distinct seasons which can be enjoyed for a brief period of times near the topics.

So I chose the spring.... Start of April it is.... More to come in further pages....