Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Day 4 Sunrise in the Alishan mountain and back to Taipei

Next day we were up at 3:30 AM.
The hotel had provided wake up call service.
To line up for the mountain train which leaves 3 times from 4 AM to 6 AM, one has to get up early.

We had bought tickets a day before to avoid the lines.

Take a look at the lines below

The train goes winding up the mountain top and stops at the Zhushan Train stop.
We were joined by the loads of people from the train we came till here.

Zhushan Station. Sunrise point
Sunrise point.

Fellow Sunrisers. 
Thats me!

Finally the sun rose from the distance and the valley lit up with young golden yellow rays.
The return train was still 40 min away. So we ventured around and took a walk in the nearby foliage.

Sunrise over the valley...

Double Exposure feature from 70D

Once we were back to hotel, we got ready and headed to Taipei.
The bus ticket can be bought on the spot at the 7-11 and Bus leaves from the same place.

After a bus ride for 2 hours, we reached the Transit centre for Chiayi.

A free shuttle to THSR leaves from platform 2 from here. Just remember not to eat or drink on the THSR shuttle.
We had earlier booked a discount ticket from THSR for late night. But after seeing Alishan, we had nothing left to see, we returned in the morning itself. So got our tickets exchanged for a full price early ticket.

Once back to hotel by afternoon 12:pm, we dropped luggage and headed out for the city tour.

We went to CSK, Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall and saw the change of guard ceremony where the guards change shifts.

The next stop was the GuangZhau Street food. Yummy spicy, fried gluttonous sinful eatery street.

The age old Longshun temple is near by active center of worship.

For more information refer Alishan on Wikipedia