Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Tokyo, Japan.
14 January 2008.

One of the insteresting japanese festivals, is the Coming-Of-Age-Day.
Its celebrated on 2nd monday of January every year.
Young boys and girls who have completed 20 years from the April last year or will be 20 by start of april this year participate in this.
This is the day when they can have alcohol and smoke legally , have voting rights and considered adult.
My tour for the day covered Meiji Jingu at harajuku and Sensoji at Asakusa.

These two girls I saw at Meiji jingu.
Traditional Kimono.


Traditional wear, Kimono.

It was a pleasant site to see these youngsters accompanied with their elderly people visiting shrines in Kimonos.

Then at the Asakusa, Sensoji shrine I saw these strangely dressed girls.
They were wearing fox or cat masks on their back-side and shoes with a high heel in the middle of the sole!!

These shoes are called Tengu Geta. I could not know anything about the mask.

Have a look at these girls in that outfit:-
Traditional Footwear.

The other attractions at Sensoji was the shopping street as usual which lies between the two gates at Sensoji. The decoration was special on that day.
Asakusa street.