Saturday, 26 January 2008

Learning to Ski

Niigata, Japan.
30 December 2007.

It's winter in Japan . These days ski is a favorite sport here.
Some of my office colleagues say Snowboarding is for beginners but I went ahead with skiing.

Me and my friends took the JR package for Kagura, a Ski resort in Niigata perfecture near Tokyo.The travel was by Shinkansen two way. It was always my dream to play with plenty of snow. Today it was about to get fulfil!!

We boarded the Shinkansen at Tokyo station early morning and reached Niigata by 9 AM. A further travel by bus and there we were, standing in front of the resort. It was snowing. To get to the top of the Mountain we need to board a lift to the top.

Up there is another lift system called Gandola.
The skiers have to get in it and reach the top to start the descend.

I learnt a few basics and started my descend with Suhas, my friend and ski teacher.
Skiing is like cycling, balancing is the key.

We fell several times while trying to get the balance right. The next lesson is how to propel oneself on a plain surface.

Next is to brake the motion; learning to brake is utmost important considering the speed that is involved in this sport. Once these basics are set right, the only thing to keep in mind is not to get carried away and let the feeling soak in.

Once comfortable with the gear, relax and enjoi the speed, Fast and Furious!!!