Tuesday, 30 October 2007

निशिज़ावा: झरनो भरा स्वर्ग !!!

Nishizawa: A place full of untouched waterfalls!!!

निशिज़वा, यमानाशी

२८ अक्तूबर २००७।

Nishizawa Keiokyo

Yamanshi, Japan.

28 October 2007.

Nishizawa trek was a refreshing experience. Can be called as a trekking place for amateur trekkers. After spending hours running, to catch up with time on the weekdays; Nishizawa welcomes you to forget all that stress and have some peace of mind.

The sky was the blue and the climate pleasant. Autumns has just reached its peak here in Japan and weekend getaways are getting more and more colorful. The Ravine of Nishizawa is like a miniature heaven. The emrald blue waters of the five step waterfall is breath taking.

Mother nature was blooming with autumn foilage, adding to the beauty of the waterfall.

The waterfall is also know as Nanatsugama - Godan-no-Taki here in Japanese. Source http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e6951.html

The way goes through narrow paths along the river bank, with bridges

at regular intervals. I didnt count but there were supposedly 48 bridges along the 10 Km trek., unbelievable!!!

At one point we got a traffic jam. That was never expected on a trek atleast.

We had a simliar experience while trekking mount Fuji.

Later it turned out because of a old bridge on the way. As the japanese could read (thankfully) that the bridge could support weight of one person only. So everyone was crossing cautiously.

At the next turn the white foamy water was splashing over a emrald pond down under was a picture perfectly remembered.
The return journey was quick with minds still fresh with the splashing sound of the crystal clear waterfalls and brooks. The trek ended with eating soba at a local restaurant. The people there were quite warm and helpful. They have been nice to genkai's (foreigners) for years. It was time to say sayonara to the ravine still gushing with flowing water in the dark twilight.

For one-day trek Nishizawa is the place; the time has to be Autumn peak
You are all set for the best time of your life!!!