Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The departure from Hong Kong....

Well! Well!

Who wants to leave the place when you have just started to enjoy it!

But that's how it ends; you feel dejected; hoping this vacation never ends.

The day we departed, we opted for a taxi to the airport since it was 4 and half of us with all our 4 luggage and a baby pram. The taxis in Hong Kong are really spacious; don't be deceived by the old looks of them.

The leaving formalities:-

1. Remember to return all the MTR cards that have deposits and electronic cash.

So we returned the octopus cards that we had to the MTR station just next to the departure hall.

2. Spend all the coins as much as possible as they cant be converted. Best way is to ask a local to provide you with notes in exchange. I prefer buying coffees or snacks before departure....

Very convenient! Headed back to the departure gate and soon flew back to the reality that was awaiting us!

Back to Work!

Some Random shots which didn't find mention in the posts before.

Random Indian restaurant menu

The Dream Disney Castle

The local snack shop

The back alleys

The meat shop, fresh meat early in the morning!

The HK skyline, bit hazy at that moment.

The Mody road Christmas decorations

Beauty and the beast at Disneyland, HK.

The harbour, the ships, the sailors!

The path to salvation, not! Just a regular site seeing. Lantau Buddha.

Hey Did you call me! No!

Outside Casino Lisboa!

Pink, Windows, Tram, Hong Kong!

The skyline and the starlet....

The decor of best western, fit for Royalty...

Aptly called the ladies market, Mongkok.

Thats all folks!