Saturday, 4 January 2014

Macau, baby! The Las Vegas of the East!

Macau, rightly called the Vegas of the east, is a tiny nation.

We visited Macau in day trip from Hong Kong.

There are 24/7 ferries from the Central HK or the Island side of the HK.

We got up early and took the ferry at 8 AM at the Hong Kong Macau Ferry terminal.

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The Taxi will drop you here. Take the elevator up the terminal. Locate the ticket booth and book the ticket for the next ferry. No need to advance book. Ferries run every 15-20 min. Also dont buy from any of the sources other than the ticket window.  One way fare economy on Turbojet Ferries is around 25 SGD.
Check the schedule and fare table here  .

Emigration was swift. We left HK. Indians dont need visa to enter either countries. It is as good as travelling within two states of one country. No visa, no stamping.

Once on ferry we tried catching a wink. On the other other side Immigration was quick as well.

Soon we were at the bus stand. The taxi drivers pestered us to opt their sightseeing services. Pay no heed!
Who wants to spend 1000 HKD for something you can do for free!

There are escalators which take you underground and on the other side to bus stand.

There will be buses which will take you the casinos FOR FREE!

We took a bus to Lisboa Casino and it dropped us near the casino.

Within a short walk around, we had our first stop, the Margarets Cafe e Nata, for breakfast.

The breakfast was french toast and lots of Tea, just like we have back in India, in kettle.

Next stop was the Senado square or the Central Square.

Its not a square in real sense but its a central place where pedestrians can walk peacefully soaking in the Portuguese setup of buildings left behind as legacy.

Just go with the crowds at Senado square and you will soon reach the ruins of St Paul.

The narrow alleys have several shops selling you pork delicacy for trying. I opted to watch from a distance.

The ruins of st Pauls are of a once important church. Several attempts to restore the site were dampened by many accidents.

Time to hit a casinos as the afternoon sun was getting hotter.We headed back to the Lisboa casino and asked for the free shuttle back to Ferry terminal.

 To take the ferry shuttle back you need to collect a piece of paper-like ticket from the front desk of the casino.That means you need to show your presence inside the casino.

Once back at ferry terminal we transferred to a bus heading Venetian Macao Casino.
Had an indian thali at the food court there. Food cost was on the higher side, but was filling.
By evening we had to be a Macao Tower to see the evening lights. It was foggy but quite clear to see the buildings around. There is shuttle just across Venetian, from the Galaxy Casino which goes to Macao Tower. 
Timed it right and we are at Macao tower. Entrance fee is around 25 SGD. It features an indoor and outdoor platform. There were bungy jumpers at the outdoor platform.

One the way back from Macao Tower, we visited the Galaxy Casino, the interior was somewhat attractive than other casinos. It had a big LCD screen inside with mesmerizing mermaids swimming around!
WARNING: - The video may not be suitable for all age groups.     :P

There is also a Hard Rock cafe nearby, so had dinner and headed back to the ferry terminal by another shuttle.The ferry ticket can be booked in advance or on the spot. The night ferry tickets are bit costly. Make sure you get rid of all the Patacas you may have collected during the trip. Patacas are not of much value outside Macau. Alternatively you can  transact in HKD all along. We only spent for food as transport was all free. No need of Sim card in Macao as Wifi is free at casinos. One can stay back in Macao if wish to. We were tired and so returned back to Hong kong by 11 PM ferry.                                                                                       Another day, another place accomplished! Feeling content!