Friday, 3 January 2014

Lantau Buddha

Lantau Buddha is the big Buddha Statue sitting on the Lantau Island in Hongkong.
It is also known as Tian Tan Buddha.
Easily reachable by public transport, this Buddha statue is at the top of a mountain peak.

That day Me and Prasha got up early by 7 AM and went for breakfast to the nearest McDonald.

Some breakfast places were serving some wierd looking food stuff.

I didnt dare to step in, preferred McDonald instead.

Converted some SGD to HKD at the Wing Lung Bank. The bank is exactly opposite to the McDonald Outlet.

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At left at around 9 AM.
We headed to the Tung Chung station MTR station from Central Station.

It was already afternoon by the time we reached there. We had packed our subway sandwich at the MTR station.
The bus terminal is just outside the station. Take the bus no 23 to Ngong Ping.
Below is the location where the bus stand on the inside of the terminal.

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It takes around an hour to reach the top by bus.
The road is windy and made me throw up, almost!

The weather was cool. We could see the gleaming and shining buddha at a distance.
 The bottom of the mountain, near the bus stop is a touristy Ngong Ping village setup with shops selling you touristy stuff, seven elevens and the Cable car final station.

Buddha as seen at the top of mountain.

That's the PO-Lin Monastry at the foot of the mountain.One needs to walk a fair amount of stairs and reach the top.

That's the Po-Lin monastry from the top. The view from the top is amazing. Green mountains all around and statues of goddesses around the Buddha. They add to the atmosphere.

One can also spot the cable car from far away.
By the time we felt content with the place, it was already 4 pm.
We started our descent. We were at the bus station for the second-last bus. It was filled completely.
The last bus was around 7 PM. So we didn't want to waste time, we started the journey as standing passengers. The bus ride back was thrilling, with we falling all over the fellow passengers.

That was a day well spent!
Next day we had plans to travel to Macau...